Card Poker Rules and Strategies

With this basic introduction in mind, let’s now go to more specific details about 3 Card Poker. At America’sTopCasinos have selected the best online casino games with the bonus!


Knows the game. To do so, train on websites where you are allowed to play without betting. Play at least a few hours before putting your money on the table and do not give way to bets until you feel comfortable inside the 3 card poker.

1.If you have a queen or a card above, bet on the “Ante” or initial bet.

2.If you do not have a queen or better cards, do not go ahead. The dealer usually has queens 66% of the time.

3.If you have at least one Q-6-4, increase your bet.

4.If your cards are below Q-6-4, the best plan is to abandon.


These are the basic rules and the best and simplest tips as far as the three-card poker game is concerned. It is a relatively simple game in which anyone can have a good time as soon as the operation of the game is familiar. Practice and improve your technique and remember that the most important thing is fun.


If you are already familiar with poker hand rankings, this will be easy for you, although there is a small change to consider. Obtaining a three-card ladder is much more complicated than getting a color in 3 Card Poker, since the ladder is the highest hand.


This is how the hands are classified in the 3 Card Poker:

  • Color Ladder
  • Trio
  • Stairs
  • Color
  • Couple
  • High Letter


Being a three card game, obviously you can not get a Poker (four cards of the same value) and there is no “mini” version of the Full (Three cards of the same value and two of equal value), so these are the only hands you need to know to play 3-Card Poker.


Play at your level. It is important that you do not play beyond your means when you are beginning to discover a game. Make sure you play at a level where you feel comfortable and set limits to what you think you can achieve. This will give you confidence and help you to know the game more in depth.


Optimal Strategy in 3-Card Poker

Making an optimal strategy in 3 Card Poker is quite simple.

If you have a hand that is at least Q-6-4 (that is, a Lady, 6 and 4 all in the same hand) or higher, you should play it. If you have less than that, you must give up your hand.


This is practically all in the 3 Card Poker. If you stick to this pattern, the game is quite simple and you will reduce the house limit to 2% and 3%. That is the best you can do.


Betting both Ante and Pair Plus – more than one partner – will equally give you a better statistical chance when you spend a lot of time playing.


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