The Baccarat Strategy

Instead of growing your hope and telling you that there is a little strategic secret to being able to play Baccarat, I will tell you right away that there is no card strategy that allows you to narrow down the house advantage in a successful way.


And yet in some ways the game seems blackjack, not even counting the cards is worth the effort. If you want to have some kind of advantage, even if it is slight, bet the Banker’s hand, since it offers a smaller advantage to the house if you do. The Player’s hand gives the home a 1.36% advantage, while the Banqueter offers an advantage for the player of 1.36%.


Of course this would not be a favorable situation for the casino, so it charges a 5% commission on the banker’s not. Still, the home advantage percentage is 1.17%. This percentage can still be reduced if you place tie bets. Betting on a draw can be tempting as it pays 8 to 1.


However the odds of a tie are 1 in 9.5 which makes it a risky bet. The best thing to do is to bet on the Banker’s hand, however, always betting on this hand and staying for a short time at the table will not be of much advantage to you. On the other hand, if you plan to stay longer at the table, this betting choice will be very advantageous.


Moreover, what you can do is wish luck to knock you out and be a responsible Baccarat player, counting your bets, bonuses and losses. Most real casinos have pens with small notepads, called punctuation cards so players can record those data.


You can register which hands you win after each round. Simply by drawing columns on a sheet of paper. One of the simplest ways to score is to draw a column with the letter B, always marking the banker’s hand, and another column with the letter P when the player’s hand wins.


Marking these columns so that both hands win alternately more than once. For example, if the Banker’s hand wins twice in a row, he must score a B in two consecutive vertical squares. Then in the next series of hands, mark a P in the next column, continuing to score the hand of the winning player consecutively. When the winning hand switches to the Banker, mark B at the top of a new column using the next adjacent coin to mark the hands the player wins.

As for forming patterns to predict who will win, most players will discourage this practice.


Do not forget to be aware about when it’s a good time to give up. Players tend to think that Baccarat is a simple winning game with such a simple structure and rules. Not taking into account Probability Laws. They never guarantee a victory for a particular hand, either way. Always remember to keep your bets low by betting most of the time on the Banker’s hand.

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