The Lowdown on Poker Betting

Without gambling, poker would just be a lucky game and the best hand would always win. Betting is the key to poker, and minimizing losses when holding a bad hand while maximizing wins with good hands is what Poker is all about.


Each betting interval requires a check or a bet from the first player to act. Each player to the left of the player who is the first to act, may check or bet that no one else has bet. The person who places the first guess, says the opening bet of . If a bet is made, other players may fold, call or raise.


If a player folds, he gets out of control. He loses all the chips that he contributed to that pot and has no further interest in the hand. After the final betting round, a showdown between the players who are still active in the hand determines the winner.


Here are some other important terms to describe the action that takes place during the gambling phase:

Ante: A symbolic sum of money contributed by each player before the cards are dealt. Antes are used in Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Stud / 8, Razz and many other games.


Blind bet: A forced bet of one or more players before the cards are dealt. This takes the place of an ante. The requirement to place a blind bet turns from table to hand around the table, so that each player earns his share. Blind bets are common in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.


In most casino games there are two blinds:

  • a big blind
  • a small blind.

These blinds are considered live, meaning players who have blind places have the chance to raise when the action returns to them.


Call: To equalize the wagered amount by putting the amount of money that has been used in the pot.


Check: A check mark is a wager of zero dollars. By checking, a player reserves the right to call any bet made by a player who acts after he has done, or even increased. But if someone bets when it’s your turn to act, you can no longer check and you have to fold, call or raise.


Check raise: Check and then raise if one of your opponents bets. This is generally done to catch players for a guess or two, when the check raiser has a very powerful hand.


Increase: To increase the amount bet by an amount equal to your opponent’s bet – or a larger amount, if the game has a spread limit, pot limit or no limit.



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